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   Other services

  Over legalizations (apostils)

- Appeal Court
- Prefecture

The necessary time for over legalizations is 2 working days.


Text correcting services

For the already translated documents, we provide correcting services by an authorized translator, who can, after checking and modifying the original text to be the same with the source document, he will authorize the document. 



Document authorization and legalization:

In Romania, for having legal value, the translated papers need notarial legalization of the authorized translator's signature specimen.

You will be able to pick up your documents from our office, already legalized, by paying the additional notarial fees.



Subtitling services:

After film translation requests, we have decided to deliver the final product (translation, retro-version, subtitling, video-editing). So, we deliver video-editing services, films subtitling, presentations, publicity clips on digital media.


Desktop publishing and typing services:

This service is free for the translations made by our company. We accept also desktop publishing services for other documents, also.


Laser copying and printing services:

Documents copying and color and black & white laser printing.

For big quantities we can make discounts.



Professional DTP services:

Technical documents with complex formatting, with images and explicative paragraphs or tables and specific graphics, can be processed in our specialized department so, the final translation will be identical to the original document. Also the page formatting will be kept or modified, after clients' request.


Foreign languages classes:

We have classes with personal teacher for English, French.



Management services:

These services are special conceived to be useful for lcompanies who don't want to start a special translation department within their company and wish to outsource these activities. The collaboration advantages with a specialized company in translations area are evident: professionalism, low costs, outsourcing the activities that are not linked with the main activity. Our experienced management is supporting you.




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